House rules

Upon entry you agree to our house rules* – a copy of which can always be found inside at the reception.

  1. Access only from 18 years. If in doubt, you may be asked for your proof of identity.
  2. You must be able to identify yourself upon entry with a valid ID.
  3. Wearing a bathrobe and slippers is mandatory at Saunaclub Le Grand. This will be handed to you upon arrival.
  4. Visitors must behave with respect. This means at least: a. Respect for other guests, the ladies, other attendees and the staff of Saunaclub Le Grand b. No form or expression of racism c. No form or expression of discrimination d. No form or expression of aggression, violence, coercion, (sexual) intimidation or threats. Violation of one or more of the above points can lead to direct expulsion from Saunaclub Le Grand.
  5. Possessing, using or dealing in drugs is strictly prohibited.
  6. Weapons – which can be seen or used in any form or capacity – are strictly prohibited.
  7. Points 5 and 6 give security the right to search you and/or search any bags. By visiting Saunaclub Le Grand, you are aware of and agree to a (possible) body search and bag search. If you refuse to cooperate with such an investigation, access to Saunaclub Le Grand will be refused.
  8. Visitors who are strongly suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be refused entry.
  9. Visitors who become under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs during their visit to Saunaclub Le Grand will be requested to leave the building and the grounds.
  10. Intimate acts are not allowed on the ground floor. Rooms have been made available on the first floor for this purpose.
  11. The ladies themselves decide on the extra services they offer and at what additional cost. Discuss your wishes in advance, so that there are no misunderstandings.
  12. The ladies always reserve the right to refuse a visitor.
  13. For all actions that the ladies offer, they must be done safely in the broadest sense of the word.
  14. Wearing headgear or other accessories that compromise the recognizability of your identity is not permitted for safety reasons.
  15. All property of Saunaclub Le Grand must remain within the building and/or grounds. You can see as property: all material for which it is not expressly communicated that ownership is transferred (such as incidental event material or purchased items).
  16. There is camera surveillance for your own and our safety. We and the police reserve the right to view and/or store these recordings if there is a suspicion of any violation of the house rules.
  17. The security is also responsible for the safety within and around the building. They ensure that everyone complies with the house rules. Always follow the instructions given by them.
  18. Banknotes of € 500.00 are not accepted.
  19. Smoking is only allowed on the outside terrace.
  20. It is strictly forbidden to take photos and/or video recordings.
  21. Groups larger than 2 people are not allowed.
  22. Saunaclub Le Grand, the management, the ladies and the staff cannot be held liable for any injury and material and/or immaterial damage.

* Upon entry you agree to our house rules. These house rules can change. Always consult our most recent version. Violation of any of the above rules may result in removal. In the event of exceptional or unforeseen situations that are not included in these house rules, Saunaclub Le Grand reserves the right to change these house rules or to deny a guest access to Saunaclub Le Grand. Assuming you adhere to our house rules, we wish you a pleasant stay!